Substance Addiction Signs

It may not be easy to recognize the signs of addiction. It depends on the person. Some people choose to not recognize the signs, even if they suspect someone has a problem. Denial helps people get through many different problems in life, but there is one problem with this method. Denial only works up to a certain point.

Eventually someone hast to admit that there is a problem. If someone is ready to admit that there is a problem, there are obvious signs of addiction. Some are easier to spot than others. If a friend or a loved one suspects someone of having a drug problem and may have to deal with such a problem, he or she should watch out for basic warning signs of drug addiction.

Signs of Drug Addiction

Changes in Behavior – If someone changes his or her routine without any obvious explanation, it could be a sign that he or she is developing a drug pattern. A friend or a loved one needs to look for long term patterns. A simple change to deal with an altered schedule or a needed sudden change won’t be an obvious sign, but rather unpredictable and unexplained changes.

Changes in Sleep Patterns – This can be a sign of many different problems, and it does not always indicate a person has a drug problem. Someone who stays out late at night partying may or may not have a drug problem. Partying is not necessarily a sign of addiction by itself.

Substance Addiction Signs

Lying to Obtain the Drug – The person who suspects someone else has a drug problem needs to make sure that the person is in fact taking the drug. There are several ways a person can determine this. Catching someone with the drug on multiple occasions is the best way. It is not the only way.

Excessive Time Off Work – Addicts with a severe problem may take a lot of time off of their jobs or school. Many workplaces have zero tolerance policies for employees who come into work drunk, high or wasted. An addict may call off to remove the effects of the drug, or to stay out of the public eye.

Needle Tracks – People who shoot heroin often use needles. If the person does not suffer from diabetes or an illness that requires injections, he or she may have needle tracks on his or her arm. These tracks are visible and difficult to hide.

Alcohol on the Breath – This is merely a symptom of being drunk. If someone comes home with alcohol on their breath continually, it may be a sign of alcoholism. Alcoholism and binge drinking are not the same thing. College students, for example, do not all end up as alcoholics. Most of them do engage in binge drinking, however. Proposed changes to the DSM-5 may cause this to change, but many people are vocally criticizing the DSM committee for some of its proposed changes.

Clothes Smell Like Burnt Leaves – There is only one drug that produces this particular smell. People who smoke marijuana heavily may suffer from a problem similar to that of cigarette smokers. Their clothes take on the aroma of the leaf. People who use the drug heavily may also develop breathing problems.

If a friend or a loved one suspects someone else of having an addiction, there are only so many things he or she can do to help the person. Addiction recovery deals with changes in behavior. A group of friends or loved ones can intervene to force someone else to get help, but it is not an easy process. A reality show, as odd as it may seem, details the process relatively well.

Some people criticized the show for exploiting the people who were the targets of interventions. Other people said the show, although exploiting people helped others who needed to go through the process. If an intervention in someone else’s life is necessary, an individual should not wait to hold one. Certain drugs can ruin a person’s life. People do not want to spend time in prison or worse for a few minutes of fun under most circumstances.

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